buildingSMART COBie Certified Professional™

The COBie Certified Professional™ exam is part of the buildingSMART Professional Certification program. It is based on the requirements of published Building Information Modelling consensus-based standards. Successful completion of the COBie Certified Professional™ examination demonstrates technical and professional competence when working with COBie. Certified professionals have proven their knowledge is consistent with international standards and best practices.

This approach with the requirement for COBie Certified Professionals™ to lead COBie production during building design and construction projects provide owners with confidence that those participating in their projects have the required level of qualifications. This qualification is as identified and tested by the world’s leading experts in the creation and delivery of COBie data.

With the launch of a COBie Certified Professional™ examination, buildingSMART expands its outreach in certifying the competency of professionals working in the digitization of the build asset industry around the world. This international initiative is being developed and adopted in conjunction with the members of our International Advisory Group. Whether you are a representative, development partner, training organization or individual seeking certification, we invite you to be part of this exciting initiative.

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